Josh Lopez

My name is Joshua Lopez, i remember first picking up a tattoo machines back in 2009 right after i graduated highschool. I had a short apprenticeship upbringing for 6 months before i ended up joining the army for 4 years. I continued to tattoo here and there through out the years even going back to my old shop while on leave to work and tattoo, but it wasn’t till i finished my first enlistment that i decided to get out and become a full time artist in 2015. I returned to california to officially become a professional full time artist and have continued to learn and progress my tattoos every day. Through the years i have taken on a strong attachment to black and grey realism as something i feel I specialize in now, although i do enjoy tattooing in mixed styles such as traditional, neo traditional, new school and script/lettering. When im not tattooing i seem to always find myself working with metal or mechanics. Although i dont consider myself neither a great welder or mechanic i am always trying to make something or working on a car or dirt bike, i definitely enjoy the challenge of improving or fixing items.

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